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Need storage space? Check under your stairs!

I pinned the above photo on Pinterest awhile ago and since then I’ve been seeing so many cool storage options for under your staircase. So we’ll hit on those here, but first - can I get a swoon over these stair bookcases?!


The bookcases below are nice if you don’t have the option of creating a built in bookcase. Just hang up some shelves and you’re set!

Now take one of those books from your bookshelf and cozy on up here under your staircase on this bed. Seriously, how great is this. It’s such a nice little nook, and a very functional use of space.

Not everyone has the luxury of having a fully functional and spacious entry way where they can keep coats, boots, bags, all that jazz. So what about using the space under your stairs as storage space? Talk about using your space wisely. I love this idea.

And finally, I can’t help but have a little longing for my dear Harry Potter and his under the stairs room when looking at this photo - although this is a bathroom, and not a bedroom, but you get the idea. A whole room under your staircase?! Genius.