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Into a corner

I saw the photo above recently and was enamored by these bookshelves. I’m an avid reader and my bookshelves are one of my favorite elements in my bedroom. That’s why I will never own a Kindle (sorry Amazon), I just can’t bear to part from my beloved book collection.

What caught my eye even more about these shelves are their placement in the corner. To me, they just POP. Not to mention how they capitalize on saving space.

The photo below uses the corner shelves in the kitchen, another great place to save some room. I love the thicker shelf, it makes a statement against the white tiles.

Check out these corner shelves in this living room/office. The lighting underneath each shelf is great! It really puts the shelves, and what is stored on them, on display.

Corner shelves are also great for displaying photos and artwork in tighter, funky spaces. Pottery Barn can obviously do no wrong showing you a fun way to display photographs and art.

Are you using corner shelves to save space in your home? Let us know!

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